It has been said, “the purpose of your life is to fulfill your life’s purpose.” Being a child of the 60’s, I was part of a generation that was fueled by idealism and dreamt of infinite possibilities. We believed WE could and would change the world. And then life happened: careers, families, doing, achieving, and yes even to some degree complacency.

What I believe happened was we took some time to “get real.” We focused on developing our gifts, exploring our interests and working jobs that honed our skill sets. Though it’s true that along the way many of us felt lost or that we betrayed our dreams but I believe we were preparing for the moment when we would put it all together. Not only does this speak to our personal dream to “make a difference” but we have simultaneously arrived at a time when each of us has gained a very real and visceral experience of how fragile and tenuous life on our planet is becoming. As the largest, most educated and most aware population in our history, we realize we must be prepared to embody our ideals by offering our skills, gifts and wisdom.

In my book, The Prodigy Within, I suggest that we spend the first two acts of our life developing and gathering our talents, gifts and skills so that somewhere around mid-life we can synthesize them into an offering; into our purpose. Almost everyone I know is asking the questions, “What is My Purpose?” What am I really Passionate about?” “How Can I make a meaningful contribution?” Some of us arrive at this moment knowing exactly what is next and only need create an action plan to shift our attention from our current work, empty nest or old habits, while other’s need to do some serious soul searching, take time to explore, venture through new doors and trust that even though you may not know what exactly it is, the prodigy within you does and has been preparing you, for a very long time. Whether you are 18 or 85, I believe that the passion to discover our purpose has never been greater or of greater need.

I’ve shared this before but one of the most powerful ways to clarify this Quest is to ask yourself, “If I had 6 months left to live what would I most regret not accomplishing?” or “If there was one thing in this world that I could do, that would make a difference, what would it be?” I can tell you from years of experience assisting people in discovering their purpose that asking the question will definitely begin to inspire an answer.

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