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Enlightened Living/Enlightened Aging is about:
• Letting go of the story of your past by Embracing the purpose you have spent your entire life living. 

• Finding balance and joy in the present by Living according to your real needs: physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual. 

• Embodying your life purpose and deepest spiritual values by Envisioning the future you’ve always dreamt of living.
• Knowing that no matter what your age, the life you dare to dream is available and waiting for you.
Live It.

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Wayne Lehrer guided me through the never-ending process of understanding my own aging body while teaching me that age is simply a state of mind. He has inspired me and his many other students to connect with themselves by finding fulfillment and purpose in our lives regardless of age or experience.  He is a phenomenally gifted teacher.

Pinchas Hassy Cohen, MD
Dean of USC Davis School of Gerontology

Wayne’s program for discovering your life’s purpose addresses the very core of what is needed to achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit. His formula focuses on helping you become your best self. One of his special traits is the ability to listen, and then shed light in a way that allows for a natural shift in thinking.

Kathy Smith
World-renowned fitness expert

The Prodigy Within is that rare book that leads readers to a true understanding of their essential place in the world. By helping us discover who we are, how we live and what our deepest dreams are, Wayne assists us in fulfilling our highest destiny.

Alberto Villoldo PhD
Author, Shaman, Healer, Sage

Some teach yoga poses. Wayne teaches Yoga. His knowledge of anatomy, western and yogic, his in depth understanding of Yoga and his life experience make him a teacher’s teacher. Wayne is one of the unsung heros in our yoga movement today.

Alison Bristow 
Yoga Teacher, Light Wave healing

Wayne perfectly blends inspiration, understanding & intuition in his “Prodigy Coaching.” After using a road map which we formalized on our 1st session, my life took a quantum leap forward!

Barbara Rose Cirincione
Health & Wellness Expert

I feel that Wayne’s approach to Yoga and its positive effect on the aging process has been pivotal to my own understanding. On entering his class, I felt a calm presence; a new learning experience for this 81 year old. 

David Dworkin
World Renowned Conductor

The Experience

Listen to an Interview with Wayne on Yoga, Longevity and Enlightened Living.

LaFern Cusack speaks with Wayne Lehrer about yoga, health and spiritual well-being for athletes and The New 60: Ecstatic Aging.


The Prodigy Within is a definitive, step-by-step guide for recovering lost passions, clarifying personal gifts and fulfilling life’s dreams. There is a driving force within each of us, defined by author Wayne Lehrer as the “prodigy,” that has always been working behind the scenes.

The 14 Archetypes of Service

An outline of the unique ways each of us can share our gifts with the world.

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